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Re: applied for an auto loan and now there's 26 inquiries

lamador wrote:

Hello, I recently applied for an auto loan and and was approved. Now that I have looked at my credit report there are 26 inquires listed on my report. Now I know that they count as one if done within a 30 day period. Which they all are the first one was 7/27/2012 and the last one listed is 8/13/2012. I now have my new car. How do I know for certain they are being counted as one. I have done so much cleaning up on my credit report and my score should be higher. Need help

Auto inquiries within any 45 day period count as a single inquiry for the purpose of calculating your score. F&I guys will shop paper to any buyer they think might buy it, and each buyer will pull a report, so this is not uncommon.


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