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Re: Looking for a CREDIT UNION to join. Any suggestions ?

pat0812 wrote:



I'm a resident of Delaware, but i reside 3-4 months out of the year in california for vacation. I want to buy a car in about 4-5 months, that will stay in California all year long and i was told CU have the best rates.


Now my question is like that. Should i join a CU in my resident state or in the state i want to buy the car? Does it make any difference ?

I can join easily some CU in Delaware because i meet the requirements to join, but i haven't found yet any CU in California were i meet the requirements, because obviously i don't live there or am part of any organisation they request. 


Does anybody know a CU in California that I could join without being a californian resident? Or any CU that is nationwide ?


Any help would be great



if your in the San Diego area i would look in to California Coast Credit Union i just refi'd my car with them and they have great rates! 675+ is 2.9% and 700+ is 1.9%. Great customer service too

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