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Re: Financing Difficulties!!

I am a little curious. You get to discharge the mortgage through bankruptcy even if you didn't file bankruptcy? Did you actually sign for the mortgage note or was it being reported on your credit report because of your marriage? I thought I understood the community property state info as it relates to bankruptcy, but I didn't realize that only one party had to file BK and both parties were released from the debt. In fact, I don't think you get a release if you each signed the mortgage note.  You actually might want to specifically discuss this with the BK attorney. Wait until your husband gets his discharge. After my discharge my score improved tremendously. Over 100 pts in a yr and after 2 yrs I was in the low 700's. I found it easier to recover after BK than after having late payments. If you never signed for the mortgage (never signed the note) than you should be ok. However, if you signed the mortgage note, you might still be responsible for it after your husbands discharge.  Check with your BK attorney.