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Why Am I Not Getting Approved?

Hello Everyone! 

I've been on here lurking the forums and posts for a few months, getting advice, answers , and tips to improve my score. Since Ive started I know ive gotten rid of basically all of my collections accounts, which was my  biggest downfall. Now I only have a car loan on there with almost perfect loan history since I got the car in January 2011. And one closed credit card account with a balance of $308. My Equifax is showing a 627, TU is showing 577. and I dont know about EX but it was the lowest. I have had about 19 inquires this year (which was not smart, I know). I was approved for a a RoadLoans check thing but there rates are crazy and they want me to put money down. I have tried Alliant CU and Consumers and was denied. Im just wondering why this isnt working out in my favor. I have raised my EQ by at least 100 points and TU by about 80. No bankrupticies or public records or even collections on my TU or equifax. I am only 19 and make about $1400 a month but even still I should qualify for something other than a RoadLoans/Santander. any help would be appreciated. ALSO today I went to a dealership that Lending Tree recommended and they denied me but at the top of his dealer pull sheet my Equifax was a fricken 498 from Ford Credit I think. I tried Cap One and was denied so I'm going to call them tomorrow, after the holiday, and ask for a reconsideration. 



Starting Score; (9/2012) EQ 525 \ TU 508 EX 498
Current Score; (10/2012) EQ 627 \ TU 577 EX ?
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