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Re: Why Am I Not Getting Approved?

I'd say your score could be lower because it is auto-enhanced and you have an auto late, but you said they pulled EQ and the late is only on TU, so not sure. Are you sure it was EQ and not TU?  It could also be that Ford was using a proprietary score model rather than a FICO score.  Maybe someone more familiar with Ford can tell you, or if you have the denial letter does it say on it what score they were using, or if not explicity what score, does it state the score range?


You might want to post more complete details in the rebuilding forum and get some advice there.  Your scores, especially the TU score, are still pretty low if you have no collections and only one 30 day late.  How recent was the 30 day late?


Also, don't underestimate the value of nursing your car along or getting a more reliable beater for a while longer yet.  If you think your car is worth more than $2180, if you can add even a little bit to that, you should be able to get a dependable car provided you don't have a particularly long commute.  People tend to overestimate the amount they are really putting in to a car for maintenance. 

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