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Thinking of trying... options?

So I will lay it out. I have been repairing and have nixed my plan to purchase a home next year... I don't really have the need to right now. So my goal is to get a new car instead... because before I started building, I got a 20+ something interest rate and I owe "too little" to refi... I know I am probably about 2000 (guessing) upside down. I owe about 6k on it still. I don't know how trading in while owing works...




Repo in Sept 2007 so it is now 5 years old

New (used) car in January 2012, with NO lates


With auto enhanced what do you think this will look like?? I have other collections but I'm hoping my 10 months of auto good payments will help override that??


The car I want is a 2013 Hyundai Accent.. just a homely cute cheap car because something new goes wrong with my Escape all the time! THANKS!!!

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