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Re: Thinking of trying... options?

I had some great service and experience at Kia (pretty much same)

I would start via online "Inquiry" to them....

Do you have your current TU Fico from here?

Do not rush into the I will be right down business (I actually try not to give a phone number when I do the online thing)

For SURE do not do the pre-approval yet!

Do you want to lease or purchase?

What State/City you live in?

believe it or not (only after my recent "Lease") Purchasing NEW can be VERY hard these days with not so perfect credit, even when it's TONS less! took me some time and a great poster on here to lay out why this change because back in 2006 I couldn't get a lease for the life of me but was able to turn around and buy at the then current "Tier 1 Promo Interest Rate) and take on payments ALMOST $400 MORE than the lease... yes not typo!!

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