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Re: Denied??????

biffhamilton wrote:

The guy on the phone said my score was a C rate. (fair)


The thing that sucks the most is I can even get by with a $ 5,000 dollar car and payoff everything with in a years time based on the extra 20g's I'll be making per year.


I just need a car right away....and don't have any free cash lying around.


I also don't want to go all over town applying for loans messing up the decent credit that I have.


I thought Credit Unions gave me my best chance......and if that's the case I'm screwed


Thanks for the help BTW

All auto inquiries will be scored as one inquiry if made within a certain timeframe.  I always forget the exact days.  I think it is 45 days for the newer scoring models.  In any event, since you just applied at the CU, additional inquiries right now are not going to further damage your score.  They will appear on your report, but if they are coded correctly, FICO will only score one inquiry.

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