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Re: 2013 BMW 750i Lease vs. Financing Questions???
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JKeeler1121 wrote:


I am more towards leasing because of my business. Im 26 and I recently strated my business and was quoted for this vehicle. 

2013 BMW 750i xDrive Sedan $96,495.00

The salesperson told me leasing looks like a better opinion for me. He quoted me 36 months, 10,000 miles 6,800 total out of pocket $1,326.00 month 

The payment isnt too bad because I make about 130,000.00 and have no mortgae or rent nor no expenses other than credit cards. He pulled my credit and said it qualifies for tier 1 leasing

Your thoughts???, suggestions???, I am kind of excited

I am being serious with this...  Why don't you "settle" for a BMW 5 series for almost half the price and save 6months - 1 year income before you go crazy.  I have a friend (27 years old) who has owned a business for about 4 years making cloe to $250k/year.  2 years ago he sold half the business to a partner and opened another business that is kind of a sister company, almost instantly started making about $200k/year from it... So total income 2 years ago was close to $325k!!!   Last February some of his biggest clients had to stop using them because they needed to tighten their expenses, after that a bunch of his smaller clients had to do similar things.  With all that said, last year he made LESS THAN $50k!  He had 2 cars, a brand Masarati and (ironically) a brand new BMW 7-series.  Needless to say, he no longer owns either car and is driving a mid-1990's Honda Civic that he had to finance.  :-(