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Re: Auto loan w/ repo
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jadeite788 wrote:

tooleman694 wrote:

I dont see why you would be denied. scores look good.

I agree, good credit score and good down payment, but the problem is we don't know the experian score, and if the OP goes t hrough the credit union than most likely experian gets pulled.  I know my credit union told me straight forward they pull experian and they have a minimum credit score.

This is actually dependant on the individual credit union.  Most will pull a single bureau, and historically that means either EQ or EX (traditional regional CRA affiliations and the geographic population distribution, different topic), though there are some which use TU as well, and the largest of CU's pull multiple reports much like any of the national lenders.  Given the name of the CU it's probably easy to determine which bureau they pull.


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