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Re: Considering Car Purchase
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Okay so I purchased a Certified Pre-Owned 2012 Chevy Malibu with 28k miles for $15,6993 OTD I'm financing $8,993 @ 4.24% for 48 months through Arizona Federal Credit Union. The car I originally wanted was sold so I moved from the LS to the LT & I only ended up getting them to give $4700 for my trade. My stated credit scores were EXP 669 & Trans 719. The dealer offered me a 3.1% interest rate through another company if I bought a $2400 extended warranty, I passed on that offer even after he lowered it to $1400. I'm already getting decent warranty coverage thru GM about  3yrs 20k bumper to bumper & 4yrs 70k powertrain. It wasn't the most positive experience (salesman) & but overall its the best deal I could find.



Did I do ok on the interest rate? I think i did considering my EX score.





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