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Re: Auto loan advice from an Underwriter

Hi there!!


Thank you so much for your advice.  Here is my situation:


I will be discharged from C7 bk any day now.  I decided not to reaffirm my car and will be getting a new one.   The scores in my siggy are with me added as an AU on my fiance's Capital One card with 3k limit/$68 balance.  Prior to that addition, my score was about 590-599.  


So, I included the one car in bk, no lates being reported on my Experian report.  I have a paid auto loan in 2007 for Capital One.  My income is about 56k per year and I do pay about 825 a month in rent.  


What can I expect when I go buy, as far as interest rates, approval, down payment, etc?  Which bank is my best bet?  Any other advice?  Thanks!


Oh.. will my fiance co-signing help?  He had a bk discharged in Oct 2011.  He has a car loan reporting for the past 6 months with Chase and he has the Cap1 card.  Thank you!

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