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Re: Auto Loan Approvals!

I actually looked at a couple online at one of the dealers in Atlanta and I am in Florida and the flight from TPA to ATL is quick and cheap. This was the only lime one I could find but you might have luck looking out of the area if you really want it. I did hear the Atlanta dealers are great to work with on the who experience. 

The engine is the Ford Eco Boost turbo, plenty of power and quick to respond. I did race an Audi S4 and he never caught me from the light (yes we were safe on deserted road, it's a buddy and he kept smack talking so I had to shut him up). I do hope they bump the HP in the future as it would not take much on their end to do so. Don't be afraid to go off road either. I went up some sandy and muddy roads and the electronic terrain controls are no joke. Had Jeep drivers stop me to check it out, they were impressed I made it and were ready to pull me out when I got stuck. 

Yes, 2013 will offer a less expensive base model but you give up glass roof on that model - and the glass roof makes it! On a nice day the sun fills the car. Almost as nice as a convertible but less wind, AC or heat and great tunes. The new base also has faux leather and not worth it - the interior is awesome as it is. 


Wish I could help on the lease costs but I am pretty clueless on stuff like that. I dig the black ones, was my second choice. Best of luck on it, you will enjoy it for sure.