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I'm a little suspicious of the Capitol One Blank Check -- can anyone vouch?

I applied for the Capitol One Blank Check and got it.  2.75% for a 66 month loan of 31,000.  My credit score (TU 661 and Equifax 671).  I have a great length of history credit report ad I pay stuff on time. Prior to the Unfortunate Incidents of 2007, I had excellent credit.   I have a few collections for small medical bills.  The problem is my credit cards are maxed out to the tune of 13,000.  My car is dying and death is imminent.  After a lot of talking and gnashing of teeth, we're taking a withdrawal on a retirement fund to pay off the credit cards and to put down a down payment on the new car.  We haven't actually made those payments yet so they can't be showing up anywhere.  I applied for the Cap One thing just to see what was going to happen.  Based on their response, I went to lending tree and the only other response was a "call us" from Blue Harbor.  So what's up with this?  I get 2.75% from Cap One and nobody else will touch me? That makes me nervous.  I was really hoping I had a shot at Toyota Financing since they're offering 0% on the model I want.  I'm not sure my car is going to last long enough for the credit card pay-off to reflect in my credit score.  So.  What do y'all know about Cap One and Toyota Financing?