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Re: Will I get approved?

This is part auto loan and part rebuild w/ BK, so it's pretty in depth.


I can tell you the collections won't make a difference paid or not.  I would make a separate thread entirely in the "Rebuilding" section of the forums to deal with those.  It should be your goal to get those deleted.  Those are weighing your scores down in a big way.  Make that thread and you'll get plenty of good advice to go about validating the debt, then dealing with it from there.  I would deal with those first before you get down to car shopping, they could make a huge difference in rates.


As for the Passat...can you verify that lease/loan was included in your BK?  I wouldn't do anything a frontline CSR told me if it involved not paying a loan my name was on.  Better look into that all the way, and even then make sure you get it all in writing.


Low 600's is not impossible to get financing, DTI and down payment would be important.  Others I'm sure can get you more specifics.  I'm still hoping for some info on my approval thread too, lol.

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