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co signer of own small business corparation first time car loan applicant

will i be approwed


credit scores 730 - 742 - 730

history 5 years

credit cards bofa master 5k bofa visa 5k flex

capitalone 750 canceled 2009 hsbc 1k canceled 2009 (funny limits)

all paid on time never goes more %50

last time at 2008 not approved for 30k car (put down 20k) and gone for all cash

the corporation is new for luxury limo company and applied to their financier who deduct from checks directly


car is Mercedes s350 its msrp 94.5k but my company has discount and its goes to 80.5k

down payment 20k will keep my 2006 r350

income is total about 100k annual but after all 40k for myself (approx)

bought to time in full cash cuz of stupid credit proccess and denial


will i be approved for loan or what to do after approval or denial

 thanks for all answers and helps

BOFA Master 5k# BOFA Visa 15k flex#Amex BCE 13.5k#chase freedom 5k#capital one $2000 2009#HSBC 1k closed 2009 (those guys kidding with limits)

FICO (lenders pull)scores 739 - 742 - 730 October 2012#length of history from Jan/2008
Business account###Capital one spark 2k