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Re: co signer of own small business corparation first time car loan applicant
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Thanks for answers Croselx Indecision and Guydiver


I forgot to mention this car is for luxury limo for business purpose . I paid in cash 49k (some from friends) in cash just not to struggle with loan sharks Company i work has many loan deals with lender (new york city over 300 cars replaced every 3 years all luxury Cadillac BMW Mercedes)  yes its expensive but weekly payments are deduct from our check straight to lenders account.

My concern was i m a first time car buyer that's may be the primary issue finger crossed waiting for news


if they give high rates can i turned down and ask them for more down payment and new rates? I gues i have no chance from my own bank BOA' I m not loan person i dont buy even a laptop with credit dont like to be borrowed to some one thats why my score is good but no loan installments.



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