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Approved $XXX From Capital One- How Much From Dealer?

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Anywyas, my wife and where just approved from Capital One through their auto finance program for their Blank Check offer. We were approved for $33,000 with an interest rate of 2.97% for 72 months. While we are very happy with the approval amount, and along with the interest, (we were very anxious about having a terrible rate due to a BK more than three years ago, and our combined annual -gross- income is under 60k) we are looking for a couple thousand dollars more... my question is...


Based on all of the talk around here, everyone's experience, and other input- taking our offer from Capital One into consideration, would a dealership approve us for anything more? How about a rate just as competitive? We were looking to finacne a car around 35k, with tax and title included in that! We actually have some funds set aside for a down, but with a safe rate as we have obtained, we have decided to put that towards some high interest credit cards- pay those stinkers off!


Well thanks in advance for any opinions.