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Re: Approved $XXX From Capital One- How Much From Dealer?

Sorry Walt...

Been busy looking for quick answers while on my iPhone. Let me explain what that means. It means it's running on io6+, along side a mobile version of Safari. Mearning this website, along with many others have limited views, accessibility, and features. Doesn't mean I couldn't bother running through Safari on my device to search conniewvs previous posts. I just didn't want to. I wasnt asking anyone else to process a search for me... I just assumed the best... Maybe conniewv would reply to my question and link me to the thread. Maybe it wouldn't be responded to. Yes I'm aware that "it can't be too hard to find". I'm like any other consumer, instant gratification. I needed a few questions answered- a few opinions, so I thought I'd stop here like so users do on forums all over the web. I see it as more of a network, not a place where, and I'm sorry to say, so many people probably sit around, trying to be the forum regular, expert, or even assume title of Valued Contributor. Users that have to chime in on every thread, even if they don't have a response to the topic. Let's take user Credit314 for example. Do you know how happy I was to receive an email after anxiously waiting for a valid opinion to my post?! To my dismay, I get the response, "Congrats on your approval". What the hell?! I wasn't looking for a high five now was I?


well, I'm tired of typing here on my iPhone.