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Re: Approved $XXX From Capital One- How Much From Dealer?
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You're reading far too much into what I wrote.  You were a first-time poster, so I assumed you might not be familiar with all the ways to navigate this forum.  I thought I'd let you know that you can click on someone's name and see their posts.  It's quicker than waiting on a reply.  Especially when it is easily found because the poster only has 4 posts.  Was just trying to help.  In fact, I even went back and found the post for you and posted a link so you wouldn't have to search for it yourself.  So I don't know what you are so upset about.


That I have more posts is beside the point.  I didn't tell you to go searching through a ton of posts.  You can take a casual perusal through my posts and determine for yourself whether I try to be helpful on this forum and guide people to specific threads, even searching out links for them as well (as I did in this case).



ETA:  As to your original question, I can't say whether a dealership would approve you for more.  What is your DTI?  Dealerships are motivated to make sales, and if you've already applied for the loan through Cap One, any additional auto inquiries within a certain timeframe count as one inquiry.  I always forget the exact timeframe, I think it was 14 days under the earlier score models but 30 or 40 under the models that most people use now.  For that one, you're going to have to search yourself or wait for someone else to respond.  In any event, may not hurt to visit a dealership and see if they can do better.

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