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Re: Approved $XXX From Capital One- How Much From Dealer?

fico789 wrote:

Walt... My apologies. Sorry. I was feeling cynical that evening.  Appreciate the input however. 


So I went directly to the source to answer my question....


... Purchased 2013 Lexus ct200h with my Capital One Blank Check at a rate of 2.97%. The dealership was offering a rate of 3.9%.  MSRP on the car was $32,885. Got the car with tax, title, and license for $32,884. The same amount our Blank Check was good for. 


In my opinion, I recommend the service with Cap1. So far, the experience has been pleasant. Anybody else with any negative comments their service... A word of advice... Just follow the stipulations in their (your) contract, and I see no issues. 


Happy crediting!!!



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