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Credit score not a Fico

We were automobile shopping this week and were individually handed  a "Your Credit Score and the Price You Pay for Credit" info page. It states and graphs my Equifax Score as 770 (750-799)  and my wife's score of an 823 (800-843). Ir shows 18% of the group in my class and 25% of the group in her class. It also shows 13% in the 700 to 749 class with the remaining comparables in the remaing 5 classes of which 6% fall into the lowest class, range 250-499. Their scoring model range is 250-843.

Starting scores 01/02/2012 EQ 707(Fico) TU 733(Fico) EXP 735 (FAKO)
Updated scores 06/01/2014 EQ 797(Fico) TU 768(Fico) EXP 769 (Fico), EQ 849 (Next Gen 5/27/14 Penfed)

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