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Re: Thinking of trading 2008 BMW 328i for 2009 Lexus IS350

FretlessMayhem wrote:

Anyone have one of these new Lexus'? The BMW dealership here is pathetic, and the worse customer service experience I've ever had. They've angered me enough to file with the BBB as well as complain to their corporate office.


As such, I don't even want to pay them interest. I have 2.9 financing on my current car, but I'm thinking about dealing it for a new Lexus so I never have to set foot inside the BMW dealership again. 


Thoughts? Anyone have experiences with Lexus vehicles?

Wow brotha I hear what you are saying.  I have a 2008 bmw 328 i but had a lexus is 350 2008 prior.  The lexus dealership in Lexington KY treat you great.  But with the Lexus you hardly ever have to go to the dealership because they don't break down often.  I love the way my BMW drives but I hate going to the dealership because they screw every customer they have.  It sucks and I will never Owen another BMW as long as I live due to the way the dealerships treat us.  Lexus is the way to go.  They want to retain a customer not screw them all....