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Re: Possible to get an auto loan with defaulted student loan on CR?
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alfstein wrote:

This is the short and tall of it:


I recently checked my credit score and as of this month my EQ/TU is 636/640.   I have a defaulted federal perkins loan ($4700)  that I finally tracked down last month - it went into default in 2010 (whoops!); and I'm in the process of rehabilitating.  From reading the forums, I understand it will take 9 months to even be returned to the Dept or Edu for the original amount of $3000.   I've moved, was completely disorganized for years, etc etc.. basically a mess.  But, I'm trying to get back on track.  I opened a secured credit card through my bank about 6 months ago (though it's only a low balance... $300), I keep the balance super low and make payments monthly to establish revolving credit.  I believe my score has vastly improved in the last year alone, but I'm wondering if I'll be able to qualify for an auto loan while I still have the defaulted student loan on my CR.


I have very little established credit, besides this one loan that went rogue.   My other student loan was for $4500 and I've paid it on time every month for the past 10 years, and there's only about $1000 left on it.  


I opted for the loan rehab rathern than settling because I assumed in the long run it would look better on my report to have it come out of defaulted status rather than just paid/closed.  Was I incorrect in doing so, should I have just paid it in full? 


Will I even be able to get an auto loan, if I my own bank wouldn't  grant me one?  I applied for a 13k used auto loan with Wells Fargo, having banked with them for 10+ years, have a savings, and secured cc with them, and I didn't even qualify for even a 12% loan because of my delinquent student loan and lack of other credit.  What should I do?  Should I hold off on purchasing a newer vehicle til my default status is resolved? 



I think going through rehab was the right thing to do.  After I got out of school I realized that one of my loans was needing to be paid directly to the school this was in 2006.  I was disorganized but I was paying Nel Net and Sallie Mae, basically 7 different accounts, and didn't know about this school account.  Anyways I called them up and explained how clueless I was, apologized, and got the address to send them some cash...  2 payments, paid in full.  I then did GW phone calls about the credit reporting (this was before GW letters)


Things are changing,  lenders are less likely to do anything with a phone call, so definately use this rehab program to get yourself straight Smiley Happy


Good luck to you!!


Is there anyway that your current car can last you 9 months?  If so I would make it last and then get a car after finishing rehab.

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