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NavyFed Auto Loan Question(s)
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Hello all,


I recently was approved for and used a Navy Federal Auto Loan check to purchase my 2013 Kia Optima. The loan application was put in as a new vehicle loan. I received an APR of 2.99 on a credit score of 690. I've seen where some with much lower scores have received the same if not better APRs from NavyFed so my questions are:



1. Will NFCU negotiate on the APR that I was given now that it has already been applied to my account?


2. Does NFCU ever adjust the APR automatically over time if I pay on time and have a steadily increasing credit score?

Starting Score: EQ 675 | TU 688 | EX 702
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Goal Score: 750 (Across All 3)

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