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Re: Paying off car/credit score

I suppose you could dispute the information as it is inaccurate that the loan is closed.  However, they could just decide to stop reporting it.  Given the difficulty you are having with this, and the fact that it is an account they took over from another bank, and that they are already citing difficulties because the account information is supposedly incompatible with their system, I'd be a little concerned that a dispute could lead to deletion from your CR rather than correcting the information. 


Also, depending on your timeline, a dispute could prove problematic.  You'll have to have the dispute resolved before you close on the house.  If they resolve the dispute against you, and they place a dispute remark on the account, a lot of lenders will insist on getting the dispute remark removed.  That can be a major headache sometimes.


Wish I had better advice.  Maybe someone else will chime in.  I'd probably keep working on the OC to get them to mark the account open. Stay persistent.

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