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Re: Paying off car/credit scoreIn

Installment loans are up there with Mortgage loans, they show more resposiblility as does a Mortgage so a higher credit score.  I am at 704 from 554Since January.  I owe 1500 on my "credit builder" which is listed as ainstallment loan.  

I just need them to open this installment loan back up but I think since talking to the supervisor it should be, I lost 34 points when it closed so should gain that back(

 YMMV) I have so much to worry about... like there was nothing on my TU left and a medical account  hit my report, I paid it immediately and found out today it is listed as a 'charge-off' what to do? My score there is 650 something.  How will they figure that since I am 704 EX &EQ do they add them together and get the average? 

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