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First time loan assistance!

Hello myFICO ppl,


A little background on myself:

24 year old male

33k a year

At current job for 6 months  (Salary post college career job)

Was unemployed for 6 months prior to new post college job.

Employed at company for 4 years prior to unemployment.


Low monthly expenses (living at home with parents)

Individual user Credit Card with $3,600 limit (balance $150) Credit history: July 2011 Wells Fargo Bank (Have Checking there)

Authorized User Credit Card with $22,000 limit (balance $1,600) Credit history: Sept 1992 PNC Bank

Authorized User Credit Card with $1,200 limit (balance $0) Credit history: Aug 2001  Khols


No late payments - Paying way more then minimum per month.

Current experian FICO = 747


Credit score was lower (720) before due to carrying higher balances due to charging my last semester at college! ($3300 now 1600).


In August I applied for a used car loan and was denied by myself, and I applied for a new loan via FORD online and was told I had to see there financial department to see if I can qualify. I want to by a new Ford fusion ($22k) but do not know if I can even get a loan!? Anyone here can give me tips for this? I have $2,000 saved for a down payment.

Thank you for your input Smiley Happy


-Mr. Cox


Current myFICO Score: 747 as of 12-1-2012