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Re: Paying off car/credit scoreIn

I'm not sure why you are so worked up over this, considering contacting a lawer, calling supervisors... I'm sorry to burst your bubbles, but you're really really far from getting a mortgage in buying a house, unless if the house is under $30k.  You have collections on your credit report, no credit history, you're probably considered as a ghost.  AU doesn't count, no real tradelines other than the auto.  And is the Auto trade seasoned?(over 24 months).  You need to get few credit cards, maybe another car loans and maybe in 3 years or so after you really built your credit you can apply for a mortgage.  Makes no sense applying for a mortgage now, your credit score jumps so much because you have little credit.  IE. 18 year old kid got a $500 credit line cc and his credit score is 740, that score means absolutely nothing... Sorry if this is harsh, just want to make sure you are educated on this before you wasted too much time on this project