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Re: Denied Denied Denied

creditwatcher2012 wrote:

I dont understand, I'm looking to finance a 2013 infiniti JX for 52k with about 10k down, I started applying in June of this year and have been to 3 dealerships, the dealerships just kept on pulling my credit and now I have 75 credit inquiries on equifax and experian, and 21 on transunion.. I have perfect payment history on my credit cards (they are all pretty new), currently have high utilization, and 21lates on prior auto loan.




any suggestions, I was also looking at a ford eplorer..... but .....denied.......


I make 92k a year as a general contractor,


scores tr-612

equifax and experial-580..... they were all in the high sixes until utilization posted..


Any suggestions would be appreciated...Thx


I think the text highlighted in red sums it up completely, especially that last one: 21 lates on an auto loan?! considering the dealers and many other companies use an Auto Enhanced Fico Score which weighs heavily on payment and previous history with auto loans, no wonder the poor guy can't get one! :X

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