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Re: Denied Denied Denied

Not to beat a dead horse but I thought the TEN 30day lates on my report was bad. On a 60 month loan you was late more then 1/3 of the times, if I was

you I would try to see if I could get the new pathfinder, its the same vehicle without all the bells and whistles. I will also be in the car market in the next

couple of months and actually looked at both vehicles. Our primary vehicle is on it's last legs, hopefully I can get my credit score to at least 620 ASAP,

our local toyota dealer told us he can get us approved for a 42k highlander with a minimum credit score of 620 plus $5000 down. Our current toyota will

be paid off in March 2013. The only reason for the 10 lates was bc my wife was diagnosed with stage four cancer and had to quit her 40k per yr job. I had

to go part time, my income dropped from 90k+ per yr, to just a little over 42k. Good Luck.

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