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Advice Please!

I am in need of better transportation. Bankruptcy was discharged in August of this year. Only have one Cap. One card with $300.00 limit with 4 months paying off in full each month. Bought a 16 year old volvo with 245K last December. Now has 265K and blew a head. Been shopping for a car this week approved with a buy here pay here on a 2006 with 80K miles for 15K but will end up paying 22K over 4 years!


Joined here and my EQ score is 572. I found a 2012 used camry with 23K for 16k. Filled out a credit app online with the local Toyota dealership they said my score was more like 531, but they could get a deal done? Putting 2K down. What are my chances of getting approved? If I am going to have to pay crazy interest rates I much rather it be on a certified preowned toyota. 1 year with current employer. 45K income. Any advice would be appreciated!!