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Re: Advice Please!
Wow! A 2012 Camry with only 23K miles!!! That is fantastic!!! What chapter did you file and when?

I have went through special financing with major dealerships 3 times. And when they said they could get a deal done, they got a deal done. I have never had a deal reversed. Four years ago I financed a 2006 Altima with about 23K miles on it for 16K through a great subprime lender. Ask them about Prestige Financial. They have a great rate reduction program.

Camry's typically hold their value well so I am a little skeptical about a 2012 Camry with 23K for only 16K. Check the CarFax report and make sure it wasn't totaled and ask them how they got the price so low so you understand. It could just be a dealer incentive but make sure you are not buying a totaled car as if you get in an accident, that car could easily take your life as they don't rebuild them right.

I have been through a Ch 7 & 13 two years apart from each other and my score is now a 724 and I received tier 1 lease financing through Acura Financial last month. Since the BKs I financed 3 cars with subprime lenders. Right after BK my score was 550 so I know how you feel. Just realize that I recovered and you will too!

Toyotas are very reliable. If the car wasn't totaled, I would say the deal is good and to go for it. Dealerships rarely go back on their word when they say they can get you done. Just do you part on the down payment and you will be good to go!

Sign up for credit monitoring and when your score hits 650 or so, consider refinancing for a lower rate. Congrats!!!
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