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NFCU Refi?

I'm considering a refi of my 2010 Subaru with NFCU. Current loan is through another CU at 5.9%, so I'm pretty sure I can do better with Navy, plus the $250 they are offering.  Here's the catch: my scores have dropped to about 670 since my UT went up after my home purchase/holidays.  I'm working to get them paid down ASAP, but from the looks of things, it will take a few months at least (I had counted on my rent deposit back by now, but it's going to small claims court instead).


The only baddies left on my reports are a 60 day and a 30 day late from 2007, then the current UT killing me.  Should I wait a month to see what rebounds (and see if the mortgage starts to report)  or just go ahead and pull the trigger for the refi? 

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