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Re: Denied Denied Denied
With 75 inquiries, you look very desperate to lenders. For a car that much, most lenders won't approve without a reasonable interest rate. And your interest rate would be sky high. 21 late payments?!? How and why did those occur? How old are they? If they did finance you, you would be looking at a $1,000 car payment! I also make 92K and I think that is way too high for your income. These lenders know you are going to default. My last auto loan I was never late on over the 4 years I had it and there was no grace period. With all those late payments, I don't even think a subprime lender will touch you. You are better off taking that $10,000 and buying a car cash. Lenders know your $10,000 down is the auto loan payment money you saved up instead of paying on your auto loan. Lenders aren't stupid. You have work to do. I wouldn't even try to walk back into a luxury car dealership for at least 2 years. Those inquiries cost you dearly. I'm sorry for being blunt but you aren't going to get a loan anywhere right now. You need to park it, learn about how to manage credit, and begin gardening.
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