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Re: Captialone Auto Loan is it easy to get approve?
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jllunas wrote:

Capital one is one of the easier banks to give out an auto loan. When we had our bankruptcy discharged in 2009, 6 months later they approved us for a 20,000 dollar used car loan but the interest rate was 10.85%. 7 months later we refinanced with our local credit union for 2.9%. So it would not hurt to try it just depending on your credit score its going to determine your interest rate.

I wouldn't say they were easy to get approved for. I had a credit card with them for two years and when I app'd for a auto loan with them, they denied it on top of three credit pulls. My FICO at the time was around 720 but my auto enhanced score was 640 I think...


I've never had any late payments. My only problem was that I had never had a car loan before. Lol.

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