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Re: Lending tree, cars direct....should I let these guys find my auto loan for me?
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LIkely going to get more than one pull anyway when loan shopping, doesn't matter for auto / mortgage loans anyway if done all within a short-period, and when I tried lending tree they were clustered together very neatly.


Personally I think it's a good solution if someone has sub-optimal credit for whatever reason: you get a good distribution of lenders and ones you might not otherwise find anyway (someone found a one-off CU with a fantastic rate through them as reported here), and they were even able to find a loan for me which was pretty close to what I actually wound up with regardless given how ugly my file was a year ago.  


Edit: this is especially true if shopping for a used car I think almost regardless of credit strata, but usually the pretty report-wielding people already have good options.

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