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Re: Captialone Auto Loan is it easy to get approve?
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Capital One Auto is nowhere close to the easiest of lenders to obtain an auto loan with, actually their approvals seem to be all over the map.  It might be the first-time buyer issue as MountainHiker suggests, I never tracked it that closely, but there are some folks that reported being denied here that just left me scratching my head.


I know I won't ever try for an auto loan through them again regardless of what my credit situation cleans up to be, I just don't know where I stand with them as a lender and have no interest in finding out the hard way but admittedly I'm a little particular in that regard and auto loans when applied for together, only count as one from the FICO side of things... wouldn't cost me anything to find out whenever I next shop for a car loan, but bleh.  

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