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Re: Anyone have experience with Credit Acceptance auto loans?

This place is ridiculous! I would recommend that no one, under any circumstances, use this company! You are asking for trouble! I had a car financed through them. Worst mistake of my life. The car was a lemon. I could not afford car payments and car repair, so I called them and said to come get the car as I don't have the money and I was getting further into debt. They did come to get the car. I called them a week later asking about the remaining balance on the loan. I was told that the car would be sold that following week and to call back then. I did and left my name and number on a voicemail. I never got a call back ever, and finally, I got tired of calling and quit making attempts.

Three months ago, I found out that they were filing a judgment against me and were planning on garnishing my paycheck. The only reason I even knew this was about to happen was because I looked myself up on my local clerk of courts website. I never ever received anything from this company in writing or otherwise that explained anything about this situation. They never contacted me after the many attempts I had made. And they did garnish my paycheck, four times. I filed bankruptcy to clear this up, and I will make sure that everyone I speak to is fully aware of Credit Acceptance Corp and their sneaky tactics and what a low-life group of scum is employed there. I am a single mother, who could not afford the garnishment, and it really put a strain on me. And the sad part is that I would have gladly worked out some type of arrangement with them had I been given the opportunity. So again, I say please, please, please stay away from this company!