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Re: Denied Denied Denied
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Hi everyone. I am new..been lurking for a while. Also looking for a car loan. Certified used $ 2K down, possible trade (if my car isnt laughed off the lot). looking for 20K but will take up to 16-18 and up my down payment. (FICO 602 dec-walmart, high util, & collections, couple lates). Student loans 90K in deferrement, Chase SL are reporting higher than initially borrowed. 

I am sending out GW & PFD tomorrow. I have been denied by Honda Financial, Chase, Cap1, & MCU. My car is on deaths door-not worth repairing...need to replace before it truly craps out.  Can I recon an auto loan app?


Round up

40k income

2K down

possible trade maybe 1500

borrow  15-18K


What can I do?


Thanks so much for your replies


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