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Re: Auto Loan Approval-New to this!!!!

tweetylove0405 wrote:

I currently am in need of a new vehicle. I don't have any negatives on my credit. My Eq (FICO) is 641. I have one student loan that I have been making payments on. My credit history is about 1 year 5 months long with no other credit. Would this cause me to have a higher interest rate or even a decline. Looking for a new or certified used car between $16,000 - $18,000 with about $2,000- $3,000 down.


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Ok, if you are still living at home and have no other expenses you might be able to pull off a smaller loan than you wanted, but you will definitely be paying high interest rates like 10%+. IMHO, I would advise getting a co-signer if at all possible, if not then look for a smaller loan or use the 2-3k you have and buy a junker to get you around to and from work.

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