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Thinking about pulling the trigger this weekend!
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Very much debating pulling the trigger on a new or used car this weekend.  Have my eyes on a Certified Hyundai Genesis Coupe and am on the phone with my local credit union about financing the car for me!  If they won't I'll look at DCU or USAA.  Fingers are crossed!  


Guess I should add that my scores are below and income is right at $100k a year.  Currently one auto loan financed ($22k) through the same credit union.  Looking for loan about $19k.

Unsecured Credit: Amex BCP $24,900; Chase Sapphire Preferred $24,200; Discover It $12,500; Chase Ink Cash $15,000; Chase Slate $13,500; Citi TYP $12,900; Amex SPG Biz $3,000; US Bank Platinum $8,600; DCU Visa $10,000; Logix FCU $15,000; Citi Home Depot $8,800; Lowes $5,000; Care Credit $6,000; Penfed Platinum Sig $16,000; Barclay Arrival Plus WEMC $5,000; US Bank PLOC Overdraft $1,500; PenFed PLOC $5,000