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Re: 630 FICO w/$10k downpayment
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ok so here you are

1 credit card

2 CO, no CA

is it right?

if yes.

you want to raise your score, all you need to do is:

open another 2 credit card( secured is fine. 3 credit cards and up to max your score.)

keep balance around 5-9%( 1 card report balace only )

like you said 1 more month for SOL expired

then when SOL has beed expired

Send Crap1 offer 80% and up to PFD( in writting) you search for PFD letter

Chase send them a GW and call to find out who holding a debt

wait for another 2 credit card reported to 3 CRA, you will see your score go up.With your credit report is much better than my credit report. But after 5 months i worked on my credit report. i got financed with BMW 8.4 % 0 down. i start with low 600s 11 CO+CA on each CRA


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