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BMW Financial Services

Hello all,


Newbie here....been reading, very imformative stuff.


Quick question. After researching for a while I was pretty sure that BMW Financial (online) would pull my Equifax report as I live in Miami. My EQ (non auto enhanced) Fico is sitting at 713. My auto enhanced score is probabbly higher as I have several "never late, Paid in full auto loans over the last 11 years. I decided to apply today so I could line up an approval before going to the dealership. I got a "declined" response from BMW about a 1/2 hour after applying. Turns out they pulled my Experian report which is over a hundred points less than my EQ.


My question is, are my hopes of leasing through BMW financial services over or can I still go to the dealer and say "hey I was denied by BMW Financial as they pulled ExperianI which is my worst, can I resubmit using Equifax?" Is that possible or am I doomed by that Experian pull? Wouldn't BMW see my first denial and kick me to the curb?