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Re: BMW Financial Services
I would go to the dealer. Going to the dealer is the same as calling for a reconsideration on a credit card that was instantly denied by the computer. After lease approval through Acura, the dealer revealed to me that Acura is one of the hardest luxury dealerships to get approval through behind Jaguar but he said BMW Financial will approve almost anyone so I think the computer tripped you and if you go up to the dealer, they will call and discuss your file with a rep over the phone and you will probably get approved. Human interaction is always better than computer interaction. You could also just call a finance rep at the dealer and work it all over the phone. I worked my Acura lease approval over the phone and once approved, the dealership came to my house and picked me up in a courtesy vehicle since my car broke down and had to be towed early that day. Good Luck!
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