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Re: 1 auto loan app at dealership = 13 inquiries?

MovingForward_2012 wrote:
Wow! All 13 inquiries were from the Toyota Dealership when you got approved through Toyota? When I leased my Acura, there were only 2 pulls: one from the dealer and one from Acura Financial.

Unfortunately, they only count as 1 for scoring purposes but other lenders will see each inquiry individually. If you get denied for a credit card, ask the rep for a reconsideration and tell them they were all pulled at one dealership for one car...they may approve after you give explanation.

TFS and HFS (Honda/Acura Financial Services) are setup differently I believe; HFS is something of a captive lender, whereas TFS is competive with the open market dealer financers.  There's probably tighter integration between HFS and the motor sales arm of Honda/Acura; there was plenty of bickering in the Toyota camps, two completely seperate subsidiaries of bigger seperate subsidiaries of Toyota Global.

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