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Need help!!!!
So my.score sucks. Its a 607. Anyways I need a new car so bad and can't get one without.a huge down payment. my last car I financed the motor blew up 6 weeks after.i got it. I kept the note up over a year in attempt to get it fixed. Took additional loan out for repairs gout it fixed and a month later it broke again. I finally gave up and let it go to repossession. I just couldn't.afford a $8000 car that I drive for 6 weeks. So that has pretty much.put me where I am other than one bad cell bill for $500. I now have 2 credit cards all in good standing for the past 8 months. I also have one other credit card in good standing with a very high limit but I call and call and the store never reports to the beurea. I know there is nothing I can do about the pisst issues but when will I see change on my score? Everything from 8 months past is perfect. ...i just need a new car so bad