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Re: BMW Financial Services

I applied for a BMW car loan and the guy told me as long as I pay off all my C/O accounts and or collections they would have an easy chance of approving me. I had a Credit score of about 530 he told me 600+ with no outstanding debts owed ( c/o or opencollections) he said would give you good apr. I paid off my collections and C/O and went to a honda dealer instead with a credit score of 540 and I got approved for a brand new 2012 civic SI with all the goodies and an apr of 4.9%. make sure you have a low uti. youll have no problem my next car after I pay this one off next year will be a BMW. Happy car buying Smiley Happy took me a good month to decide what i want and for what i want to pay. Other dealers tried to tell me 17% is the lowest they can go but dont believe their BS. they can go lower. trust me Smiley Happy i walked a couple times then got many many  phone calls a day later.

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