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Re: Auto loan madness

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That's a lot of different issues; to the core point, lender underwriting if a person has to take a look at it does take time and they may not have the resources to look at your application immediately.  I think it's fair to give them another day as requested before raising the question.


Also different underwriters may have different standards; they may have some requirement that a license should reflect current state of residence, as theoretically you're supposed to do that as legally required.  There is a grace period though and if you're within that, I suspect that would be fine.


As for unpaid parking tickets, last I checked that had no bearing on getting a license in a different state; the states don't communicate, like at all, for things of this nature.  It's possible that's changed but the infrastructure is simply unlikely to be there.


End of the day this dealer appears to be going to work for you and is acting in extremely good faith; personally I'd approach it as if they were doing me a favor, and at least present being incredibly thankful for the effort they're putting in as it sounds as though there's a number of hurdles they're trying to clear in this case.  The dealer has more pull with the lender than you as an individual do, I recommend letting them work through the process which unfortunately does take some amount of time.

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