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Re: Car loan is not reported on credit reports
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It will hurt your score initially because it is a new account but as it ages, it will increase your score. I would try to get them to report if you can backdated to the beginning if you have never been late as it will show future lenders that you had this loan and paid it off never late. It will help your auto enhanced score on your next car.

Actually in this case the tradeline is already pre-aged, and it should be a straight boost.


Everything else is spot on, but I would absolutely atttempt to get it reported OP... certainly any positive tradeline I can get on my reports I want on there, and an auto tradeline is a good one to have.


Just be aware that the lender isn't required to report by law, but try to get it done.  Which lender is it?



Actually, last night I downloaded an iphone app called Credit Sesame which is based off of the Experian credit reports, and it was on there! However, I'm pretty sure I've checked my Experian report before and I don't remember seeing it. Is it possible that it can get recognized by certain programs and not others?


It's a really small company called EQ Finance.


Credit Sesame is based on the Experian CRA.   So it sounds like it is showing on EX , but possibly not EQ or TU.   I'd recommend pulling reports from the other CRAs to know for certain.


Creditors may report to 1, 2, all or none of the CRAs  ~ it's really up to each creditor to determine how they want to report.   You can certainly call and ask them if they'll report to all three CRAs, but there is no requirement that compels them to report at all.


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